Woodbury MN homes for sale see median prices rise over past six months


Woodbury MN homes for sale have seen their median asking price rise, on the whole, over the past six months.  In February of this year, the median asking price of a home in Woodbury was right around $330,000, if you look at the weekly data points shown on this graph, which is the black line.  And our most recent data point, taken just this past week, comes in at $340,000.

Now, depending upon how you choose to look at it, that $10,000 movement is either good news, or bad news.  Good news in that we are currently see higher asking prices than earlier this year.  Bad news in that we are down $10,000 from April and May when we saw median asking prices at $350,000.  Both price swings can be pretty easily explained by season market movements, with lower values in winter, and prices moving up in the spring time.

We will keep an eye on the market, and give it a bit more time to see how prices fare in the coming fall and winter, and then check out year over year prices, to give us a better idea of whether the market is truly improving, or we are just seeing normal volatility from month to month.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all about homes in and around Woodbury MN, please don’t hesitate to call or visit www.KimZiton.com for more information.


About kimziton

Kim's a real estate consultant for Keller Williams Premier Realty in Woodbury MN, as well as a member of the Luxury Homes division and The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Her primary website is www.KimZiton.com where you can find all sorts of information on Woodbury, Wedgewood, Stonemill Farms, Dancing Waters and Elmo Lake.
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